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Bendigo Flying Club Scholarship

2020 Scholarship will open in August 2020.

The Bendigo Flying Club Scholarship is for those aged between 15 and 23, with a genuine interest in aviation, with the hope of fostering a potential career in aviation. It is valued at $5000 and aims to get a student to the end of their Recreational Aviation Pilot Certificate.

Flying training occurs throughout the year following the awarding of the scholarship. Recipients are expected to be fully involved in the club, assisting in cleaning club planes, promoting the BFC and scholarship and countless other tasks.


The Bendigo Bank is our biggest supporter of the scholarship, donating a large annual sum.

Last year we had a significant contribution from Rod Shearer, Bendigo Aircraft Maintenance and this year Aircraft Corporate Jet Centres (ACJC) has come on board with a donation to the club. We can also thank aviation and family businesses that have contributed to our efforts to fundraise to keep this scholarship going. Without their gracious assistance our wonderful students would not have this chance to achieve a flying qualification.

Lincoln Cottingham , 2014


Emma Blackford , 2015


Emily Chibber, 2016

Jack Milgate, 2017

Jordan Curran, 2018 

Isaac Mavromoustakakis, 2019