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Training & Planning Resources

Flight Planning

Air Services Australia - Pilot Briefing service
This is the primary source for your flight planning information - MET, NOTAMS, last light, flight notification, charts and much more.

             Click here to Log-in to briefing system    
              BFC login: bfclub   Password  8395

             Club details may be required: 
             Bendigo Flying Club inc, Bendigo Aerodrome, Victa Road,
             (PO Box 546) Bendigo, Victoria, 3552            

              ph/fax: 03 5443 8395, email: bfc@bendigoflyingclub.com.au 

Radio Operations

VHF radio communications
"The material in the VHF radio communications guide amply covers the RA-Aus radio operator's endorsement syllabus listed in the RA-Aus Operations Manual section 3.08."
RAA radio communications guide

Radio Calls at Non-Towered Aerodromes
The following link will take you to a CASA video presentation on the correct use of radios at non-towered aerodromes:

Recreational Aviation Australia

Are responsible to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the administration of light recreational and sport aviation in Australia, including the issue of pilots’ certifications, aircraft type acceptance, aircraft registrations and the approval. Their website is a valuable source of knowledge for all pilots. You will find links to some of the more important pages on their website below.

RAA Home page

John Brandon's "Fly Safe!" tutorials   These tutorials are a wonderful resource for new and old pilots alike!