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Flight Training


Have you always wanted to fly?


 - to follow that dream?


The Bendigo Flying Club offers a comprehensive training program, which enables students to obtain their Recreational Aviation - Australia (RA-Aus) Pilot Certificate and Cross Country Endorsement

The club has five instructors who will enthusiastically and professionally assist you to obtain your certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of training do you offer?

BFC conducts initial training in Recreation Aviation Australia (RAAus) registered aircraft - Pilot Certificate, Cross Country and Passenger endorsement. These aircraft are two seat, tricycle undercarriage, recreational planes with a maximum weight of 600 kgs. Our training is conducted in accordance with the RAAus Operations Manual and Flight Syllabus.

How do I start?

We suggest doing a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF). These 30 or 60 min flights give you time in one of our planes with one of our instructors - you learn about, and get to use the flight controls and you can assess whether we are the right flying school for you. Phone or email us to book a TIF.

How long does it take to get a Pilot Certificate?

The minimum requirement for a pilot certificate is 20 hours. On average a student will obtain their Certificate in approximately 25 hours, however the exact time depends upon the aptitude and individual learning capability of the student.

What other training do you offer?

We can provide training for the Cross Country endorsement (a further 12 hours of training), the Passenger endorsement (one hour training, once you have 10 hours of Pilot in Command experience) and we can do Biennial Flight Reviews

When can I do my lessons?

We have instructors available on weekdays and weekends. We suggest doing lessons at least weekly so you don't need to revise your learning before moving onto the next lesson. We can fly during daylight hours, so can organise to do lessons early or late in the day. More than one lesson can be organised in one day, though we recommend flying for no more than an hour at a time to assist with concentration.

Are there any upfront costs?

Yes - you need to be a member of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) ($267) and of the Bendigo Flying Club ($140). These memberships need to be renewed annually. The rates quoted are for adults. People 18 years and younger can have junior memberships. You also need a theory book ($110) and a log book ($40). We have both of those available for purchase.

What does training cost?

The overall cost to achieve a pilot certificate is approximately $7,000. The cost depends on how many hours of training you do to get to that level. We charge $272/hr (or $255 Prepaid) for flying with an instructor. We do not charge for ground briefings or exams. 

Do you have any further questions? Contact us on 03 5443 8395 or bfc@bendigoflyingclub.com.au.