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The Board

Danny O'Brien


Danny has his RA-Aus pilots' license, flies a Jabiru and has been with the BFC for a number of years. He is keen to support members to enjoy the facilities and support offered by the club, and is always willing to answer any questions that both new and old pilots may have.

Sam Cottingham


Sam has been involved in the club since her son Lincoln became our first scholarship recipient. Sam achieved her RA Aus pilot certificate and Navigation endorsement earlier this year. Sam has been coordinating the Young and New Pilots Group and is an active member in many other areas of BFC.

Adam Tharle


Adam is a highly enthusiastic member of the club, with a background in finance he makes the perfect treasurer. He has been involved with the BFC for some years now and can often be found in the club rooms, willing to have a friendly chat with anyone about aviation.

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