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Follow Your Dream

A Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) is the perfect introduction to the world of flying, in effect a shortened version of a flying lesson. At the airport you will be met by your instructor and be introduced to your aircraft, one of Bendigo Flying Club's Tecnam P-92 Super Echos or our P2008. A briefing on what to expect on your flight, an inspection of the aircraft and away you go.

Trial Instructional Flight 30 Minutes ($120)

30 minute flight with Instructor, 15 minute ground briefing, experience the joy of flight, including take-off and landing, hands-on joystick control and a view that is reserved for those of us who fly.

Trial Instructional Flight 60 Minutes ($160)

1 hour flight time, 15 minutes on the ground briefing that will include all of the above . This is an extensive hands-on flight that will allow you to get a "feel" for the aircraft and then decide if you wish to further pursue the desire to fly.

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What happens next?

Paypal will provide you with a receipt for your purchase.

Bendigo Flying Club will email you a voucher within a few days.

When you are ready to use the flight you can phone the club on

03 5443 8395 fo book your flight.

The voucher is valid 12 months from date of purchase.

Thankyou for thinking of Bendigo Flying club in making this purchase.