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Experience the thrill of soaring skies with our Trial Instructional Flight (TIF)! Perfect for aviation enthusiasts or a unique gift for loved ones. Elevate your adventures, or surprise someone special. Don't just dream - fly!

Trial Instructional Flight

Our Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) is your introduction to the world of aviation. It's designed for those who are considering a career in the skies or simply curious about what it's like to pilot an aircraft.

Whether you're exploring a potential new hobby, looking to start your flight training journey, or simply want a unique experience, a TIF is the perfect place to start. Dive into the pilot's seat and see the world from a whole new perspective!

Here's what to expect:

  • Pre-Flight Briefing: A certified instructor will introduce you to the basics of flight, aircraft controls, and safety procedures.

  • Hands-On Flying: Once airborne, you'll take control under the watchful guidance of your instructor. Feel the rush of steering the aircraft over beautiful landscapes and cityscapes.

  • Post-Flight Debrief: After landing, your instructor will provide feedback and answer any questions you might have about the experience or pursuing further flight training.

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