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Flight Training

The Bendigo Flying Club offers a comprehensive training program, which enables students to obtain their Recreational Aviation - Australia (RA-Aus) Pilot Certificate and Cross Country Endorsement.

The club has passionate instructors who will enthusiastically and professionally assist you to obtain your certificate.

Interested? Contact us on or 03 5443 8395

Learn To Fly

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To follow that dream?

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What kind of training do you offer?

BFC conducts initial training in Recreation Aviation Australia (RAAus) registered aircraft - Pilot Certificate, Cross Country and Passenger endorsement. These aircraft are two seat, tricycle undercarriage, recreational planes with a maximum weight of 600 kgs. Our training is conducted in accordance with the RAAus Operations Manual and Flight Syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices from 1st December, 2023


Multiple Day Hire (any plane)

– minimum of 1.5 hrs will be charged per day

What is Pre-Paid ?

We offer a discount off the regular prices where members deposit a non-refundable payment of $1,000 or $2,000. The account should be topped up when required with another 1,000 or 2,000 deposit.

Eligibility to Hire

Hirers must be Bendigo Flying Club members, and members of RAAus (if hiring our Tecnams). BFRs and medicals must be current and appropriate certificates or licences held. We conduct a check flight with new hirers.

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