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Flight Training Breakdown

Embark on your journey to the skies with our comprehensive flight training breakdown. Discover the steps, costs, and requirements involved in becoming a skilled pilot, from obtaining your recreational pilot certificate to achieving commercial licensure

Your Path to Becoming a Skilled Pilot

Trial Introductory Flight

$180 - $220

Begin your journey with a TIF, available for purchase through here. Experience the exhilaration of being airborne with our experienced instructors guiding you through take-off and handing over the controls. Choose from 30 or 60-minute flights, inclusive of all fees, for an unforgettable introduction to the skies.

Lessons Begin

$315 - $330/hour

If the Trial Flight has piqued your interest, the next step is to begin lessons. You will have received a temporary membership to Ra-Aus, valid for 3 months or 3 hours, whichever comes first. To continue your journey, upgrade to full membership. Additionally, membership with the Bendigo Flying Club is required, which can be found here.

Going Solo

10+ hours

As your ab-initio training unfolds and you edge closer to taking flight solo, a milestone every aviator cherishes, it's vital to complete your first Ra-Aus exam. Your progression entails mastering various competency levels, ensuring unwavering confidence before embarking on your solo journey. At Bendigo Flying Club, safety and proficiency are paramount, and solo flights are only permitted once absolute confidence in your abilities is attained.

Restricted Pilots Certificate

15+ Dual hours

5+ Solo hours

Once you've honed your flying skills and exhibited a heightened level of competency, you'll be primed for your flying test. Led by our Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), this test will assess your abilities, and upon successful completion, you'll gain the privilege to fly our planes solo, without the need for initial instructor checks as previously required for solo flights. However, you'll be restricted to a 25nm radius from your departure location.

Passenger Endorsment

10+ Solo hours

Once you've obtained your Restricted Pilot Certificate, you'll need to log an additional 5 hours (10 total) of unaccompanied flight time and undergo a flight check. This process will enable you to gain the authorization to fly with passengers, marking a significant milestone in your aviation journey.

Cross Country Endorsment

+12 Hours

Embark on an exciting aviation adventure with the Cross Country Endorsement. Learn the art of navigation using both traditional methods and modern GPS technology. Expand your flying horizons beyond the 25 nautical miles permitted by your RAAus Recreational Pilot’s Certificate. Get ready to soar higher and explore the skies like never before!

Flight Instructor

20 Hours Flying

30 Hours Ground Theory

Take your aviation journey to the next level by becoming an instructor with our comprehensive training courses. Share your expertise and passion for flying while shaping the next generation of pilots. When you've accumulated sufficient experience, embark on the rewarding path of instructor training to make a lasting impact in the aviation community.

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