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Bendigo Flying Club


About the Scholarship

The Bendigo Flying Club Scholarship is for those aged between 15 and 23, with a genuine interest in aviation, with the hope of fostering a potential career in aviation. It is valued at $8000 and aims to get a student to their Recreational Aviation Pilot Certificate. Flying training occurs throughout the year following the awarding of the scholarship. Recipients are expected to be fully involved in the club, assisting in cleaning club planes, promoting the BFC and scholarship and countless other tasks.

Scholarship Award Goals and Objectives

The aims of the BFC Flight Training Scholarship Award are to:

  1. Introduce young people to the sport of recreational aviation.

  2. Develop responsible and safe flying attitudes.

  3. Offer a basis of aviation knowledge for advancement and careers in recreational, military or general commercial aviation.

  4. Assist young people to complete their flying training at minimal cost, and

  5. Encourage young people to become active, long-term members of the Bendigo Flying Club.

This is a scholarship award program for young people with a genuine interest in aviation. The recipient will be required to “earn” the award. An important principle is that the recipient contributes to various ongoing club activities, organisational and aviation activities. This scholarship aims to assist young people to further their aviation interests.

The Scholarship includes:

  • Recreational Aviation Australia’s Pilot Certificate

  • 20 hours of flying in a Tecnam aircraft

  • All instructor briefings (both flying and theory)

  • All text books and notes necessary to satisfactorily complete the course

  • Membership with the Bendigo Flying Club & RAA.

The scholarship is valued at $8,000.

Applications are now closed

Applications Open
1 July 2024

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Applications close 
31 August 2024
Before Applying

Please click the PDF icon to download an information sheet outlining the application and evaluation process

Step 1
Step 2
Reading material for quiz released
Step 3
Step 4
Trial Introductory Flight ($180)
Step 5
Interviews for short listed applicants
Step 6
Public Announcement of Winner at Annual Wing Night!
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