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A Unique Perspective: Night Flight Over Bendigo Show

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Last night, the Bendigo Flying Club took to the skies for an extraordinary experience, a night flight over Bendigo to witness the vibrant Bendigo Show from above. It was a night to remember, offering a unique perspective for sure!

Flying over Bendigo at night is always special, but viewing the show from above added an extra layer of excitement. The aerial view provided a different appreciation of the scale and beauty of the event.

Our members who joined the flight were thrilled with the experience. Seeing the fireworks from above was a highlight, with bursts of colour illuminating the sky, a visual treat from our airborne viewpoint.

This night flight was more than just a regular flying experience, it was a unique way to engage with a community event and see our city from a different angle. It was a reminder of the beauty of Bendigo and the joy of flying.

At the Bendigo Flying Club, we cherish these moments where we can share exceptional experiences with our members. Last night's flight over the Bendigo Show was a testament to the adventures and unique perspectives that aviation can offer. It was indeed a night flight to remember.

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