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HOW DO I BECOME A PILOT? -Learn to fly!

Max Johnson First Solo
Scholarship Recipient Max Johnson First Solo

Ever wondered, ‘How do I become a pilot?’ You’re not alone! We at Bendigo Flying Club are here to guide you through your aviation journey, starting right here in Bendigo, the heart of Victoria.

Beginning Your Adventure The journey to becoming a pilot can start as early as 14 years old, but you must be 15 to go solo and obtain your Pilot Certificate. You can find a list of flying schools, including ours, on the RAA website, along with informative articles about learning to fly.

Path to a Commercial Pilot If you aim to be a commercial pilot, you have options: either progress through flight school, managing costs as you go, or pursue a university degree in aviation, which may involve significant student loans. There are various Australian aviation scholarships available too, providing more opportunities for aspiring pilots. Bendigo Flying Club have a junior scholarship that takes applications mid-year.

Training at Bendigo Flying Club For those in Bendigo and surrounding areas, start your training with us! Our experienced instructors, diverse fleet, and a supportive environment make learning both effective and enjoyable. We offer comprehensive training programs, from Recreational Pilot Certificates to advanced endorsements and ratings.

Affordable and Accessible Learning We understand aviation training is a significant investment. That’s why we're committed to maintaining affordability while delivering quality instruction.

Join the Bendigo Flying Club Community Our club isn't just about training; it's about being part of a vibrant community of aviation enthusiasts. We encourage sharing experiences, photos, and stories – creating an inclusive environment where everyone’s passion for flying thrives.

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