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Pilot Proficiency Program 2024

Dates: 23 - 25 February 2024

Location: Bendigo, VIC

Are you a Piper Aircraft enthusiast keen on enhancing your flying skills? Join us in Bendigo for the Australian Piper Aircraft Society's Pilot Proficiency Program, designed to prepare pilots for unexpected situations. This CASA-supported program focuses on system understanding, malfunction troubleshooting, and in-flight emergency management.

Weekend Highlights:

  • Friday: Kick-off dinner at Bendigo Flying School – a perfect setting for BFC and APAS members to socialize.

  • Saturday: Ground School led by Tony Smith, covering aircraft systems, abnormal operations, and modern avionics. Lunch provided in the new terminal building.

  • Saturday Night: Optional dinner at Goldmines Hotel to mingle with APAS members.

  • Sunday: Practice flying sessions for emergency procedures (optional).


  • Ground School: Free for APAS members.

  • Dual Flying: Discounted $100.00/hr rate for APAS members.

  • APAS Membership: $100/year, covering PPP, fly-aways, newsletters, and more.

To join or for more details, visit APAS Website or contact David Goode, APAS President, at or 0400 636 602.

Enhance your proficiency and confidence in the skies with us!

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