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Tecnam Open Day at Bendigo Flying Club: A Day to Remember!

We recently had the incredible opportunity to host the Tecnam Open Day at our club, and what a fantastic day it was! The event was a soaring success, showcasing the latest from Tecnam's impressive range of aircraft.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Static Aircraft Display: We had an up-close look at various Tecnam models, which was a treat for both our seasoned pilots and those new to the aviation world.

  • Interactive Sessions: Our members and visitors engaged in informative sessions about the features and capabilities of each aircraft.

  • Flight Demonstrations: Seeing these aircraft in action was a thrill for everyone present.

We've captured moments of the day, and we're excited to share these snapshots with you. From the gleaming aircraft on the tarmac to the smiles of our members and guests, these photos tell the story of a truly memorable day at the Bendigo Flying Club.

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