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Terminal Project - Stage 2 Update

In just five short months stage 2 of the terminal building has been connected to stage 1. Internally all services have been roughed in, glazing complete and approx. 80% of plaster installed. Painting is expected to start in less than 2 weeks. The external cladding on the terminal is around 80% complete and exposed steel has been painted.

Check-in area:

Waiting area:

Arrivals area:

The new car park is nearing completion.  Line marking has been completed and work is underway to install lights and security cameras.  While these final parts are completed pedestrians will use part of the new car park to walk to and from the terminal building.

The new electrical mains infrastructure has finished excavation and has had all the cabling pulled through conduits. The new sub-station transformer was landed in place last week with the electrical fit off commencing thereafter.

The water main has been completed around the entire airport precinct and now they are excavating to the new water meter for the terminal to create the first new water property connection. Sewer main install is progressing well at approx. 65% complete.

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