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🌪️ Unexpected Renovation Day at BFC! 🛠️

You might say we're breaking new ground at Bendigo Flying Club - or perhaps breaking new windows? In a surprising turn of events, our entire window frame decided to take a little unscheduled flight out of the clubhouse!

But as always, our fantastic community soared to the occasion. A big shout-out to our president Grant Welling and our stellar volunteers - Matt Knightsbridge, Bernie Flynn, and Lincoln Cottingham - who rushed in for an impromptu window-rescue mission.

And just when the hard work was done, Denis Addington made a perfectly timed appearance. Talk about impeccable timing, Denis! 😄

A special thank you to Greg Miller for lending his expertise, making time in his busy schedule to not only help us put the window back but also to ensure the others stayed put.

This is what community spirit (and a bit of unexpected adventure) is all about at BFC. Thanks, team, for keeping us all safe, secure, and occasionally entertained!

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